So much of design today either comes from mother nature herself (granite, wood, stone) or is inspired by her. Manufactured floors that emulate a rich mahogany, tropical woven window shades, paint colors in rich tones of fall leaves – mother nature can have an impact on virtually every surface of your home.

If you are looking to bring a little of the outside in – try some of these time honored tricks:

– Mimic the look of earth, trees and sky with horizontal bands of color in your tile shower design. Slate with a micro grout line also offers a clean, unbroken line.

– Bring the sun in with well positioned mirrors to amplify light and multiply views.

– Enhance natural lighting by replacing solid doors with windows or glass panel doors. Between the pane blinds offer privacy.

– Solid surface counter tops in granite are classic natural products that have enhanced homes for centuries.

– Slate, limestone, travertine, wood and bamboo flooring offer a warm look and feel to any home.

– Minimize harsh colors and stick with colors of your landscape. Blues an soft sand tone at the ocean, natual greens for those with a garden view.

– Use LED bulbs to save energy and bring in more light.

– Nature inspired hardware is all the rage – seashells, branches and rocks create a unique look to your cabinets.

– Bring in plants! Nothing is more welcoming than trees, houseplants and table arrangements.

– Use natural accessories like glass and ceramic bowls filled with fresh flowers.

Keep nature in mind when designing your home and it will never go out of style.