Many homeowners approach kitchen or bath remodels with trepidation because of the perceived cost of new cabinetry – as well as the sheer number of materials, styles and options available. However, at Rite-Loom, we make shopping for and selecting cabinetry an artful and easygoing experience. Cabinets not only define a room’s style, they serve as workhorses, providing much-needed storage and even concealing features such as plumbing and ductwork.

We can help you evaluate the merits of budget-friendly modular cabinets or explore the possibilities of custom cabinetry handcrafted to fit your kitchen or bath layout and tailored to match your lifestyle and storage requirements. To further add individuality to cabinets, look for a range of door options – single to double, smooth to beveled, glass to other materials – you’ll be able to source just the right handles and hardware at our showroom, too.

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