Design and construction has always gone hand in hand and at Rite-Loom we have always had a love of both. We are more than just a flooring and hard surfaces company. We also help our clients design their homes into a beautiful space they love to show off. George, the owner of Rite-Loom and Bedrock, is a general contractor and been in the business for many years. With his expertise we are able to build and construct what our clients’ wants and desires are. Our designers meet with you in your home and in the showroom to help you design your perfect space.

Working with a designer and having our general contractor on hand and on the jobsite, is beneficial to our clients because it helps to avoid costly mistakes. We make sure to review your project as a whole and help you make sound decisions that benefit you and help avoid mistakes that could occur later in the project. We also help educate our clients in what materials, fixtures, appliance, lighting, as well as other items they are considering to install. An example; education on the wall oven that will best suit your needs can help in what type of electrical or gas will need to be installed and the time of construction. If this is not taken into consideration at the planning stage it could be costly to change out the electrical or add the correct electrical to support it in your breaker box. It also is good to know what size oven is best for your space so that cabinetry will be designed in accordance to the space and function of the kitchen. There can be a lot to take into consideration when planning a new space which is why Rite-Loom is a great choice as we have the education and knowledge to make the process seamless.

The same is true with the flooring or tile that is selected. We want to always help our clients pick the best material that will suit their needs. With so many different type of flooring from wood to tile, and even vinyl it can be overwhelming. We help you pick the material you are drawn towards, but that will also be best for the home and lifestyle that you are looking to maintain. We just love working with our clients from the planning phase and then implementing the design to come to life.

We help you even visualize your dream by showing you a 3D model of your home. This is a great way to see your space and your materials in real life. We really do take on every project like it was our own home. Rite-Loom would love to help you design your home from beginning to end and have your dream come to a reality.