Bedrock Stone Fabrication, Inc.

Our full-service stone fabrication facility offers the finest quality fabrication and installation. Shop for classic stone countertops to elaborate waterfalls, exterior walls, landscaping features and custom furniture.

Offering a beautiful showroom just blocks from the Rite-Loom showroom, clients can browse the various stone options and details – knowing that the fabrication of their beautiful countertops, staircases, fireplaces or furniture is being done right on site under the watchful eye of some of California’s most skilled stone craftsmen and designers.

Architects, interior designers, contractors and homeowners who demand high quality fabrication know that Bedrock Stone Fabrication is there “go-to” shop for everything from classic stone countertops to elaborate waterfalls, exterior walls, landscaping features and custom furniture. Bedrock has developed into one of the most notable and largest dimensional stone fabrication facilities in the Southern California region. We attribute our ongoing success to many loyal customers and the wonderful staff we employ. We hope you explore this website and use it as a tool to learn more about the products we provide, how they can be used in your project, and what differentiates Bedrock from the low-cost fabrication shop.

Natural stone is absolutely unmatched by other types of materials. It’s simple yet rich presence conveys prestige. The versatile, timeless elegance of natural stone allows your décor to range in style from classic to contemporary. Natural stone adds character and warmth with a richness that cannot be duplicated in synthetic man-made material. Most stones provide a practical and enduring “worry free” surface that will last a lifetime. Natural stone is a superior choice for any lifestyle that will add value to any home forever.

Our office is located in Orange, California.

We offer hundreds of different high quality stone types from all around the world.

We are members of the Marble Institute of America. Inside our website, you’ll find other useful information and links.

We fabricate, design, and install:

Electrical outlet covers, electrical receptacles and switch plates, columns, pedestals, cut-to-size slabs, drain board depressions, sink cut-outs, solid stone sinks, shower and tub surrounds, floors, walls, desks, reception desks, tables and bases, bar tops, signs, address stones, antique furniture tops, buffet tops, butler’s pantry, countertops, vanity tops, full height back splash island tops, fireplace surrounds and hearths, outdoor patio tables, buffets, stone benches, building exteriors, pavers, decks, stairs, risers, thresholds, window sills, niches, and shelves.

Our goal is not to just make a sale, but to make a customer.

Natural stone in neutral colors is timeless not like other trends that come and go. It is perfect for easy care, clean-up, and longevity. Using natural stone has grown in popularity because of modern stone cutting machinery used and quarrying and fabricating is faster and better. It is now cost competitive with synthetic solid surfaces. Most stones are now locally available for immediate fabrication.

Unusual shapes and sizes are templated, and using a digitizer the file is saved on a disk. Computerized machinery such as a 4-axis CNC can cut and polish an entire job with intricate detailed cutouts and very elaborate edges in a short period of time. CNC and ater-jet machinery can cut intricate shapes or designs out of stone, glass, or metal, which can then be inlayed into another tone slab table or countertop. Drain boards can be engraved and receptacle and outlet covers can be manufactured in stone. Designers are moving away from simple edges and want unique detailed edges, sometimes incorporating more than one edge profile or variety of stone in the same room. For example, a kitchen may have different stones and/or edges on the island, table, or backsplash. Until now, highly reflective polished surfaces have been favored for nearly all interior granite applications.

New trends are leaning towards a honed flat finish or velvet finish and all are cared for in the same manner. People are becoming more educated. Never before has there been such a focus on quality and perfection. Choosing a fabrication shop that uses the latest advancements in technology helps ensure quality work.


To maintain excellent customer relationships, and to assure your job is completed in a timely and accurate manner, our trained staff will work with you to determine your needs and make all the right decisions. In everything from working within your budget and design preferences, to taking measurements, fabricating, and installing your order, we strive to provide service and value to you, our customer.
We have a genuine appreciation for your business, and pride ourselves in satisfying each of our clients. We invite you to visit our showroom to see samples of our exceptional work.

Running from one showroom to the next to choose just the right stone and edge is too time consuming and often very expensive. Let Bedrock be your source for fabrication. Bedrock is highly praised for its efficiency, performance, and reliability. We take the time and care to provide a superior level of service that our clients expect and appreciate. We will do more than respond to your needs: we will try to anticipate them. Personal service is the key to our continued success. We send satisfaction surveys to completed jobs and encourage our customers to call us if they have any questions. Outstanding and exceptional customer service and value is our goal.

What is the secret of our growth? It is simple.

  • All of our work is done according to the highest industry standards and using the latest technology, highest quality materials, ensuring top quality.
  • We hone the undersides of countertops with a radial arm polisher so they not only feel smooth, but also look good from below.
  • All slabs are laid out to determine and minimize seams, and to match the graining and direction of veining before they are cut.
  • A digitizer is used to trace the template. A computerized drawing is then generated and a program is written. The machinery then cuts, polishes and engraves the entire piece from start to finish which makes for precise installations.
  • Our slabs are cut with the highest quality blades and equipment so seams are tight.
  • Our dedicated employees are highly trained.
  • We can handle any size project in our own shop.
  • All jobs are inspected before they are delivered.
  • Seams & joints epoxies are blended with color and mixed to match the base color of the stone as closely as possible.
  • We caulk stone to stone with 100% silicone, stone to walls with paintable latex caulk.
  • We never skip steps required for polishing, and polish in the same way wood furniture is refinished (coarse to fine) with attention to every detail.
    We provide sealing. All jobs are sealed (at no additional charge) with a silicone based impregnator to help prevent staining.
  • Joints are filled and polished smooth for an inconspicuous appearance.
  • Installers take care to treat the job with respect by using drop cloths.
  • We use larger rather than smaller pieces, minimizing seams and creating a finer appearance.
  • Communication is the key to our service success. All of our installation crews have 2-way radios and cellular telephones.
  • The majority of our employees have worked in and are familiar with the construction industry.
  • Our employees are fully insured, licensed, and bonded.
  • Our employees always carry photo identification and wear uniforms.
  • We perform our work to the highest professional and safety standards.
  • Short lead-time jobs are timely and accurate.

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