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Buying the right carpet for a room in your home involves more than finding a style in the color will usually be the foundation for your design. An authentic handmade area rug can visually integrate or harmonize diverse elements in any decor or can re-energize a room.

There are various factors to consider for purchasing & decorating with an oriental rug. One of the first elements to consider is the size of the area rug, or the area to be covered. The most common area rug sizes are 4-by-6 and 6-by-9 feet, these sizes will work well under a coffee table. An 8-by-10-foot area rug or larger can cover an entire room. Smaller area and scatter rugs can be ideal for adorning smaller spaces: front door entryway, a hearth, a bedside, the area in front of a kitchen sink, with a splash of color and warmth.

In a living room the area rug would most likely be placed in front of the sofa and under the coffee table. To place a room-sized area rug on a hardwood floor, choose an area rug which allows eight inches of wood to be exposed around the rug’s perimeter. Measure the open space up to the sofa and chairs making sure that the individual seated will have both feet on the area rug. More than one area rug is acceptable. In a dining room there should be room to pull the chairs out from the table with the back legs of the chairs remaining on the area rug.

While using an area rug as a stair runner on stairs look for busier and darker patterns, while hallways and entrances will also require dense patterns. Using Wool pile (which is most durable) with a cotton foundation (which is strong and does not loose shape) is an ideal solution for this part of your home.

In your bedrooms we do not recommend a room size Persian/Oriental area rug for a bedroom, as most of the pattern will be hidden under the bed in the dark making the rug prone to moth damage. Instead, use multiple area rugs. A rug at the foot of the bed and two on each side Or use several scatter rugs to fill areas around the bed as needed. It will actually cost less and compliment your furnishings better making your room look better. We encourage customers to take rugs home on approval, as they are best viewed in the room.

Historically in the United States floor cloths were common in the late 1700s to mid 1860’s. The American Colonists transformed old ship sails into these durable, colorful and relatively inexpensive painted canvas rugs and used them in every area of the home. These were works of art when imported carpets were difficult to acquire. Floor cloths complemented the White House decor of most of our early Presidents, including Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.
Our high style floor cloths are intricately designed. Not only are all colors and designs custom, but also we cut the shapes and sizes to fit perfectly as well. Unlike their stenciled sisters, our floor cloths are all hand painted with complex patterns. The heft is much like heavy shoe leather once all the coats of primer, paint and finish are applied. They are sealed and protected with an extremely tough and durable finish. Edges are cut flat and both sides are finished.
As an interior designer and an artist, Andrea Holte creates each floor cloth to enhance the design of your home. Call for quote.

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