Flooring Repair

For 80 years Rite Loom has been an industry leader in flooring, we would like to remind you of our flooring repair service. We take the same care with your flooring repair, as we did for your original flooring purchase. Rite Loom Floor Repair Services are your total solution for the repair of most types of flooring, including hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile and many more. In just one call, our professional repair staff will help you take care of all your flooring repair needs.

Whether you’ve laid stone floor tile in your kitchen, installed hardwood floors in your living room or need tile repairs in your bathroom, Rite Loom helps solve all your flooring service headaches after just one call. Is there a bad stain in your carpet that cleaning can’t get out? We can repair that. Is one of your stone floor tiles chipped, because one of your kids decided to practice his chipping in the house? We can repair that. Does your carpet need re-stretching, or repair on some bad seams? We can repair that. A professional service/repair specialist will arrive with all the tools necessary to make all floor repairs quickly and completely. Every flooring repair is prioritized with you to ensure that your repairs are completed on time and done Rite.

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