The most wonderful time of the year is here, and we think that your entryway is a vital, but often overlooked, area of the house for festive decor. Here are three ways—one traditional, one creative and one long-lasting—to make your front door and entryway welcoming for you and your guests this holiday.

Mom and daughter in cozy home, decorated entrance to house with bright colours. Family waiting for New year. Family photo session in Christmas interiors

A beautiful entryway makes a big difference!

Traditional: Wreaths

A true classic never goes out of style, and that’s why wreaths will always be in fashion. They may be everyone’s go-to for holiday decor but they don’t have to be predictable! A traditional pine, fir or cedar wreath is both heart-warming and fresh-smelling, and you can make it unique to you by adding any number of thoughtfully chosen natural and artificial elements. A bright red bow is cheery and reminiscent of Christmas in New York City, while Burlap ribbon is rustic and farmhouse-Christmas nostalgic. Pine cones and red berries continue the comfort of classic tradition, while sparkly white bulbs and painted gold branches create a glamorous flare. Magnolia leaves and partly-bloomed cotton give a Southern nod, while succulents and moss are decidedly coastal Southern California. Whatever look you want, you can achieve it with a little creativity. Don’t be afraid to take an old concept and make it your own!

Creative: Outdoor Branch Arrangements

If you like the fresh smell and cabin-in-the-woods feeling of a traditional wreath but balk at the traditional wreath—think outside the circle. An arrangement of fresh-cut branches in an oversized pot or wooden crate by your front door can evoke the same woodsy aesthetic of a pine, fir or cedar wreath, without the wreath itself. Using Christmas tree branches, making sure to intersperse branches of varying heights throughout your arrangement. Keep it simply by sticking to branches, or add a little bit of holiday magic with personalized touches. Tie some lace ribbon around the rim of your pot or crate, weave strings of lights in among the branches and needles, or intersperse a playful glittery branch (found at any craft store) here and there. You don’t have to have a wreath hanging on your front door to create the look—and feel—of the Christmas season.

Long-Lasting: Area Rugs

While a festive wreath or a pretty arrangement of branches will offer a beautiful “welcome” from your front door, we encourage you to make the first step into your home just as welcoming. We carry high-quality area rugs in a range of shapes, colors, textures and sizes, but all of them are made to last, feel good and impress. For entryways, we suggest durable wool pile rugs with strong, cotton foundations that won’t lose their shape. One of the benefits of rugs is the flexibility they give you to swap out and rearrange throughout the year. Pick out a beautiful rug to adorn your entryway during the holidays – choosing colors that compliment your seasonal decor. Our expansive collection is available for you to peruse in our showroom any time, and we have knowledgeable designers and salespeople to help you pick the right rug for your style, home design and holiday decor – one that will look beautiful and feel welcoming for many bright holiday seasons to come.