These days, carpet gets a bad rap. In fact, a lot of people prefer hardwood floors to carpet.

In most home improvement shows on Netflix or HGTV, the first thing a team of renovators does to an old house is tear up the musty carpet in the living room, the office, the bedrooms—hoping to find that coveted original hardwood flooring underneath.

We get it.

Hardwood floors are sturdy, warm and beautiful. They hearken back to another time—a time when furniture was built with real wood, two hands and a hammer—instead of in a factory with particle board. We know that people like hardwood floors because they’re sleek, classic and enduring, and as a high-end flooring company who has made quality and style a priority since 1934, we appreciate and seek out all of those qualities too.

However, did you know high quality carpet is still the best value in flooring, rather than hardwood?

slide-531We are a flooring, design and construction company, and after more than 80 years of experience we know that a good carpet matches—and sometimes rivals—hardwood flooring in style and function. High-quality carpet offers a few things that hardwood flooring doesn’t: it’s soft to the touch, noise-canceling, and even helps decrease your heating bill by adding an extra layer of insulation inside your home.

Today’s modern technology allows carpet to be lush, as well as durable, textured, and highly stain resistant. We’ve always been partial to carpet for its wonderful softness—where as hardwood floors are cold and hard—and for its ability to make every room feel welcoming and comfortable. We choose carpets that are different, but timeless, so that your living room floor doesn’t go out of style. If quality is important to you—if you want to make a statement—if you’re looking for something soft and different with a touch of class—you might be a candidate for Rite-Loom’s high quality carpet.

Of course, carpet isn’t the right choice for everyone, but neither is hardwood flooring. The climate where you live, the location of the room you’re renovating, how much use the room gets—these are all factors to be considered in your choice between carpet and hardwoods.

While carpet is usually less expensive than hardwood (hardwood flooring costs anywhere from $6-$20 per square foot, while good quality carpets range start at $4-$8 per square foot). (We should note that we also offer laminate flooring, luxury vinyl tile, stone and tile flooring in addition to carpet and hardwood, but we’re focusing on the differences between carpet and hardwood flooring today!)

Hardwood is not better than carpet by default. You can have function, luxury and class in the form of carpet, too. In the 1930’s, we hand-sewed carpet seams into high-end homes and offices all over Southern California. Now, we don’t hand-sew our carpet seams, but we do hand-pick and we still install every floor and carpet with integrity. Call us today and we’ll make sure you have timeless, classic quality and beauty on your floors.