Tile flooring is as popular as ever. Virtually indestructible, easy to maintain and reasonably priced, tile flooring offers unlimited design opportunities. From sleek contemporary looks, to timeless rustic styles, there is a color, pattern, style and size to fit every taste.

And…for those that want to elevate the tile experience in their space – try designing your own tile “rug”.

You’ve seen them before. Sometimes intricate, sometimes simple – tile rugs are inlaid patterns that create a “visual” rug. Spanish, Italian and bold graphic designs can be created using a variety of economical ceramic tiles. The possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination.

A few design tips:

– Look at magazines and tile web sites to get ideas

– Make sure that you keep size and scale in mind. Is it going to be a small inlay in the bathroom or a big area “rug” in the kitchen?

– Measure carefully so you know how much of each tile to order

– Keepthe sytle of your home in mond. If you home is traditional, stick with classic tile designs. If it’s a little more relaxed – get creative!

– Mix and match sizes, shapes and colors for an interesting look.

– Think texture. You don’t have to stick with one style. You can easily mix glass and ceramic, or more expensive accent pieces with a bargain tile.

– Create a theme. There are all kinds of manufactured borders that can be incorporated into your design. Some feature grape vines, flowers and diamonds – a great place to start.

– Use graph paper to work out your concept, then rely on your installer to confirm your measurements and how much of each tile you will need.

Now…stand back and watch the magic. In no time you will have a beautiful custom “rug” that you’ll never have to vacuum!