Seven months in – it’s not too late to revisit those New Year’s Resolutions to “Be more energy efficient” – especially if it means saving you money!  Don’t let  another day go by without adding these top energy saving tips to your “to-do” list:

$$ – Takes an investment but totally worth it
$ – Good habits that cost next to nothing

$$ Replace that old refrigerator – especially the one in your garage.  A modest, Energy Star model is a simple swap that can save you big bucks annually

$$ Fix those cracks in your plaster walls and use a can of spray foam to seal holes of your perimeter or basement.  This will keep heat or cool air from escaping and can save you up to 10% on your heating and air conditioning bills

$$ Give your window some special attention but checking and replacing any broken or misaligned sash locks.  One afternoon and a visit to the hardware store could save you up to 15% on your electric bill

$$ Keep your resolution to stop buying the CFL bulbs.  LED bulbs will pay themselves within one year and you’ll save BIG on your annual electric bill

$ Close your curtains and lower your blinds at night to ward off drafts

$ Trim your fuel bill by 5% by just adjusting your thermostat by 1%

$ Turning off lights when you leave a room could save your family up to $100 per year.  It’s worth nagging about.

$ Wash your clothes in cold water.  With today’s detergents you don’t need to use the warm setting.

$ De-linting your dryer trap and hose can drastically shorten drying times and will prolong the life of your dryer, too!

$ A seven minute shower rule could save you $125 annually.  Set a timer and use the extra money for family fun.

$ Pull down those vines from your home’s façade.  They may look pretty but they can trap moisture and cause exterior wood to crack and rot.

$ Monitor your utility accounts with free apps and services provided at no cost.  By staying on top of your household energy use you have the information you need to change the habits that are costing you money.