No New Year’s resolution to “Get Organized” would be complete without a short attack on your kitchen. Considering the number of hours you spend there – doesn’t it make sense to spend some time re-organizing fpr the busy months to come? Here are some quick tips to consider:

– Store things where you use them! Your pots and pan should be close to the stove and oven. Your baking pans near the mixer, plates and silverware near the dishwasher etc.

– Store all like items together. Whisks, wooden spoons, measuring cups, and spices should be together and not scattered across the kitchen.

– Keep small items in a clear bin so they don’t get lost in drawers.

– Store the items you use most in the most accessible places. If you use your strainer everyday, don’t put it under a stack of heavy mixing bowls.

– Keep things you use most at eye level.

– Store heavy items below waist level and infrequently used items on high shelves.

– Declutter every year. Take stock of your utensils and cookware and get rid of unnecessary or duplicate items.

While there is no “right” way to organize your kitchen, it’s important to find a process that works for you. The basic concepts above will work in every situation, so put some music on and get started!!