A day doesn’t go by at Rite-Loom Flooring when a client doesn’t ask: “How do I clean my hard-surface floors?”

Whether you have ceramic tile, natural stone or linoleum, each floor materials requires specific cleaning methods.  Follow these directions and with a little elbow grease your floors will shine like new!

Glazed Ceramic Tile: This durable material is easy to clean, but grout stains can be a pain.  If your grout isn’t sealed, make it a priority to do so.  Warm water and an all-purpose cleaner will get the job done.  Avoid oil based and acidic (distilled white vinegar) as both can damage the grout.

Stone: Always start with a professional sealed floor – you can purchase sealer at a hardware store, but be confident if you are taking on the task yourself.  To maintain stone floors, mop with a pH-neutal all-purpose cleaner.  Again, don’t use acidic cleaners as it can etch natural stone.

Laminate: Use one cup of white vinegar to one gallon of water to get your laminate floors in tip top shape.  Make sure to dry them.  Do not use detergents, all-purpose cleaners, wax or polish as it will dull your flooring and leave behind a sticky film.

Linoleum: Made from natural ingredients like cork, wood and resin, linoleum can be waxed with a product designed specifically to make it easier to clean and keep shiny.  For unwaxed linoleum, use an all-purpose cleaner and warm water.

Vinyl: Usually “no wax”, today’s vinyl should never be stripped or polished.  Just use a good pH-neutral cleaner, warm water and a well-wrung mop to prevent water from seeping into the seams.

Wood: Most wood products sold today are sealed with polyurethane which is a durable, plastic like coating.  Regular sweeping or vacuuming help prevent scratches, and an occasional damp mop of 1/4 cup white vinegar and one quart of warm water is a safe inexpensive cleaning solutions for any type of wood floor.  Speciality wood cleaning products are also available.  Either way, avoid using oil based cleaners as they can trap dust and leave a residue.

Rite-Loom has several products for purchase for all types of flooring at our showroom.