As your porcelain ages and scratches appear due to cleaing, minerals from the water can cling to the scratches that cause rust. Use any commercial product with lime in it…or distilled white vinegar works too!

Here’s how to tackle the project quickly and efficiently:

Put on rubber gloves and wet the sink. If you are using a commercial product, read the directions carefully. Some can cause even more etching! Test first. It it’s safe, wet a sponge and gently work the product into the stained surface. If you have a persistent stain, make a paste of the product with a few drops of water and let it sit for a few minutes.

Feeling a little lazy? Saturate a folded paper towel with vinegar, place it over the stain and wrap it tightly with plastic wrap – taping it tightly is an added bonus. Leave it overnight, remove the cloth, and wipe (or scrub lightly) the rust will come right off!

PORCELAIN ENAMEL COOKTOP SURFACES require a slightlty different method. Avoid heavily abrasive cleaners, pads and steel wool. Porcelain surfaces may etch or discolor when a spill is high in sugar or acids, so wipe up immediately. And NEVER wipe a hot porcelain stove top with a cold cloth….it may crack!