Tired of walking into your bathroom and wishing it would make you smile instead of frown? Don’t let money stop you from making some important, budget friendly changes.
Start with that outdates vanity and sink. Just removing it can present all kinds of interesting options. Stand in the empty space and image the style that reflects who you are. Are you into deep and dramatic, or cleaner more open spaces? There is an inexpensive option for every look – from antique furniture styles to the Zen spa look – replacing your vanity and sink can make a huge difference.
Faucets are important! Pick one that matches the look and feel of your new vanity and sink. And, there are all kinds of fun options for today’s busy families. Look for “green” too! Save on your water bills with models that offer water conservation features.

Think Color – nothing offers more bang for your buck than a can of paint! Transform your new bath with a shade that you love. To open up a space, go light on the walls and even lighter on the ceiling. For a dramatic look – apply darker, richer tones. And , go for semi-gloss in the bathroom – it is easier to clean and performs betters in a moist environment.
It’s in the details. Pull the entire look together with inexpensive details that coordinate with your new look. Switch plates, towel bars, shower curtains and a small area rug will tie the whole look together.
See…..you CAN get a new bathroom without breaking the bank!