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Celebrating Fall with Great Home Design

The first day of autumn was September 22nd. To celebrate the change in season—if not the change in our sunny Southern California weather—we have two ideas, one trendy and one traditional, for seasonally updating your home this fall. Gallery Walls We love gallery walls... read more

Some Things Never Change

Back when we began, we only carried flooring – now we offer construction and design services, countertops, cabinetry, window coverings and more with the same commitment to beauty and quality that we held to with hand-sewn carpet seams in 1934.

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Small Bathrooms That Feel Big

If you have a small bathroom, here are a few design tips that can turn a cramped space into an open, airy one. -Ponder the layout:  simply moving the sink to the same wall that the toilet is on can create space that will really open up a room and keep you from feeling... read more

Jump Into Spring

Jump into spring with some bright ideas for your home! Kitchen:  Re-do that boring kitchen island.  If it is too small make it bigger.  If it is too boring make it bolder.  Whatever your goal, the kitchen island should be a show stopper.  It is where everyone gathers,... read more

Products & Materials

From 1934 to Now, Rite-Loom is Doing Home Improvement Right

Call Rite-Loom and see why, for more than 80 years, we’ve been the first renovation choice for top clients in Southern California. Give your home the class and shine of Old Hollywood glamour combined with the fresh take of top trend-setters today: 714.764.1122

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Engineered Wood Versus Solid Wood?

 If you are in the process of selecting new wood floors for your home, you are probably focusing on the type of wood, the color, how large you want the planks and what style to select – traditional, distressed, and contemporary?  But, another important... read more

What’s All of the Buzz about LVT

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is all the rage today and for good reason.  You can find it just as easily in a $2 million condominium as you can a first time home owner’s living room.  Not your mother’s vinyl flooring, LVT offers new technologies that have made... read more

Care & Maintenance


With holiday guests about to converge and a New Year’s resolution to take better care of my home, Martha Stewart and I offer some sound tips on how you can clean almost every inch of your house with one household appliance….your vacuum! Carpeting How to:... read more


By far one of the most popular topics for our blogs are about cleaning and maintaining your home. While these are some great products on the market, sometimes it just takes a few common household supplies and some good old fashion elbow grease. Dried Milk – Easy... read more


In early times a nice swipe of a damp mop was enough to clear the dust from a dirty wood floor. Even today, with a host of wood maintenance products on the marker, it is still a safe and effective way to clean both solid and engineered wood. But…be VERY careful... read more


Poultices have been used to remove stains for centuries. Not only ane many poultices natural so are considered “green”, they also work! Basically, a poultice is a liquid cleaner mixed with a white absorbent material to form a paste. The poultice is spread... read more


Pros and Cons of Laminate (LVT) Flooring

Vinyl flooring today is nothing like it was 20 years ago. With new technology Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) looks just as good as real wood, stone, or ceramic tile, but is a fraction of the cost. The new fashionable designs combine the best of design and technology in one... read more

The Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a beautiful and timeless selection for residential spaces. Today there are a plethora of choices and it can be difficult to decide which one is the right fit for your home. Quality and price are two obvious factors to consider. Here are some pros... read more

Stone & Tile

Does your kitchen need a makeover? I s your master bathroom outdated? Nothing brings a room to life like the look of stone. Granite, slate, travertine, ceramic tile flooring and countertops – all add unparalleled beauty to any home. At Rite-Loom Flooring, our showroom... read more


Wood is one of today’s most popular flooring choices. Recognizes for it natural beauty and durability, wood is also affordable, environmentally sound and easy to maintain. At Rite-Loom Flooring, we feature EVERY species – oak wood, cherry wood, mahogany wood, walnut... read more



For enduring sophistication and style, today’s homeowner continues to select natural stone as the premier choice for flooring. Shaped through time beneath both land and sea, stone offers a variety of options in both colors and surfaces. Marble, slate,... read more

Marble vs. Granite – The pros and cons

If you have looked at model homes and comtemplated the most advanced choices in countertops – marble or granite – than read on. Both are eco-friendly materials that are coveted by most homeowners today. Both marble and granite are elegant and available in... read more


Not long ago most people purchasing stone selected this natural material because of the polished, sleek look that marble annd granite provide. But today, many homeowners are looking for a relaxed, aged look and suppliers are meeting that demand with some interesting... read more


Now that we are in Fall, Rite-Loom customers are starting to ask about updating their fireplaces. There is nothing more elegant and beautiful than a natural stone fireplace which is why we cover this blog topic a lot. If you are thinking that your fireplace could use... read more



Getting ready for holiday guests can be as stressful as cooking for them! We all have the image of that picky mother-in-law running her finger along the fireplace mantle looking for dust – always the one place you forget to wipe!  Check off the following “TO CLEAN”... read more

Mop Your Floors Rite

A day doesn’t go by at Rite-Loom Flooring when a client doesn’t ask: “How do I clean my hard-surface floors?” Whether you have ceramic tile, natural stone or linoleum, each floor materials requires specific cleaning methods.  Follow these... read more

Home Improvement Tips To Get a Jump On Those Spring Projects

Spring is the perfect time to tackle some of those home improvement projects on your list, so consider this plan to jumpstart the process: 1. Look around your home. What are top three things that have been bugging you? Does your granite need to be sealed? Are your... read more

HOME BUILDING 101 – Building a Budget

The first step to take when budgeting to build a new home is to come up with a firm figure of what you can AFFORD. If you are looking to finance the project, this is an even more important process. If you are pulling from savings, it will help you stay focused and on... read more

Kitchen & Bath


Who would have thought years ago that potential home buyers would be so focused on the bathrooms! They care about everything. The countertops, paint, fixtures….and mostly the flooring. It is not uncommon for folks looking to buy a new home to consider the... read more


Next to flooring and countertops, there is probably no bigger (or expensive) design decision that you will make for your home than kitchen cabinets! There are so many things to consider, it would be impossible to cover all of the elements in one blog….so watch... read more

BEAUTIFUL FAUCETS Complete Your Bath and Kitchen Design

Homeowners spend hours and hours selecting cabinets, counter tops and appliances, and at the end of the process they often don’t consider the importance of the faucet! FUNCTION is number one when shopping for a faucet as it gets more use than any other fixture.... read more

Carpet & Rugs


Why is it that the minute everyone starts to get excited about spring, the inevitable “Spring Cleaning” mantra hits and we all look around our homes in dread? Don’t get pressured into a major undertaking! Grab the items below and tackle what Spring... read more

Smartstrand Sorona Carpet Event

HURRY!!! This only happens once a year so you would be smart to stop by Rite-Loom and check it out! SmartStrand Sorona Carpet Event “Softness You Can Feel” Receive up to $500 Cash Back – a great deal during these tough times! $3.00 per yard mail-in... read more

Smartstrand Sorona Carpet Event

HURRY!!! This only happens once a year so you would be smart to stop by Rite-Loom and check it out! SmartStrand Sorona Carpet Event “Softness You Can Feel” Receive up to $500 Cash Back – a great deal during these tough times! $3.00 per yard mail-in... read more

Karastan Introduces New Area Rug Designs

People who know quality have always turned to Karastan when looking for new carpet and area rug options. Because Rite-Loom is a Gallery Dealer, we offer one of the largest selections of Karastan products in the county. Loyal customers know that Karastan products are... read more

Window Coverings


Energy efficiency is no passing fad for Hunter Douglas. They have been focused on saving homeowners money since 1985 when they developed the first line of energy efficient window coverings called Duette Honeycomb Shades. In celebration of the companies 25th... read more


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