carpetrollsA lot has changed in eighty-two years, since we first founded our company in 1934.

Our values haven’t.

In the thirties we stored in-house every roll of high-quality carpet we sold so our customers could see and feel what we had to offer; now we order unique, luxurious, durable carpet from all over the world, but we still model samples in our showroom so you don’t have to guess when making your choice. Back in the days of Old Hollywood glamor, we made it a priority to stay on trend and set trends—in 2016, we still do, and we have a team of designers ready to help you narrow in on a style that’s both timeless and personal.

Back when we began, we only carried flooring – now we offer construction and design services, countertops, cabinetry, window coverings and more with the same commitment to beauty and quality that we held to with hand-sewn carpet seams in 1934.

We’ve been around since before computers, the internet and smart phones—we’ve seen countless fads come and go—and we know first-hand that good taste never goes out of fashion. If you’re remodeling your home and you need true expertise in construction, flooring and interior design; if you’re not satisfied with the same old thing and want something classy and unique; if you have high standards and you’re looking for a company with standards equally high—stop looking.

You found Rite-Loom.

At Rite-Loom, we carry the highest quality materials for your office redesign, your kitchen renovation or your whole-home makeover. But even more important than the quality of our products, is our mentality: we still hold to our values, from a time when salesmen wore full suits to work and business owners relied on their honest reputation rather than their “marketing strategy” to make their living.

We believe that the customer always comes first.

As technology has advanced, we use it to increase our value to you: our website shows off our incredible line of products, and our designers use the very latest in interior design software to ensure that your preferences and unique style come through. We are an American company like American companies used to be: professionals in our industry, proud of our products and committed to serving our customers’ needs. It’s been eighty-two years since we first opened our doors in 1934, and sure, a lot has changed since then—or has it?

Rite-Loom’s standard for quality and service will never change; and that’s a very good thing.