The Hearth

The Holidays are almost over, Christmas is just twelve days away, and most of the focus has been directed towards the hearth where the stockings are hung. Fireplaces many times are the focal point of the room so if you have been wanting to give your room an update there is no better place to start. Rite Loom has been designing spaces for many years and our designers just love this mix of textures in this space.

The mix of tile and wood is giving this room some warmth and character, and the statement of the mantle finishes off the room beautifully. We just love the Reclaim Collection from Emser that has the look of wood but keeps the safety around the firebox as it is a tile. This is very important and the reason our designers help in the decision making process when choosing your materials for your space. You never want to use a combustible material near a heat source like the face of the fireplace. We always recommend a stone, tile, or glass. That is why we love the wood tile product.

When it comes to picking flooring there is a lot to choose from but the wood plank from Monarch that we carry is a favorite of ours. The Rivoli wood feels great underfoot, but also brings in warmth within the home. We like the lived in feeling, while keeping the look clean and classic. This wood is also great for the pets in the home as it wears well and really stands up to everyday life.

Lastly finishing off the entire look by designing a custom mantle to surround the firebox is important. Our designers work closely with all of our clients on creating a look specifically for them. Having a statement piece, like the mantle, in the room is always an element to draw the eye towards where you want to direct your main flow of traffic. This large hearth really brought in an interesting element and tied the mix use of materials together, while giving the room a classic look.

A simple redesign of a living room is quite simple. Rite Loom loves designing with our clients and the use of wood floors and tile gave this room a whole new look. Let us design your new space and make it your favorite place to end your day, even the dog will love the new look.