The first day of autumn was September 22nd. To celebrate the change in season—if not the change in our sunny Southern California weather—we have two ideas, one trendy and one traditional, for seasonally updating your home this fall.

Gallery Walls

We love gallery walls – just like our style, they are charming, personal and classic without being boring. But our favorite thing about gallery walls is their versatility. They’re a great way to showcase who you are—your history, style and story—without limiting yourself to one work of art.

Fall is the perfect time to create a gallery wall that’s both personal and seasonally vibrant. We suggest arranging your favorite pieces of art alongside your stash of seasonal pieces, such as a framed autumn leaf, a photo of iconic Central Park in fall or that back-to-school finger painting your Kindergartener brought home last year. Have fun with it! If you need help picking the perfect art or arranging your wall to fit your home’s esthetic, give our designers a call – we’re happy to help.


slide-4Decorating with marble is a hot trend right now, but really, it’s never gone out of style. It’s hard to beat marble’s function, beauty and timelessness. It’s glamorous but understated, long-lasting and also up-to-the-minute. It doesn’t take away from your autumnal flower arrangements and fall candle displays. It’s the perfect backdrop for every season, holiday and family event and will last for years when properly taken care of. Whether you choose a timeless marble entryway, kitchen flooring or a bathroom or kitchen countertop, marble gives your home design the kind of high-quality finish we’re known for.

We’re proud to carry a variety of the highest quality stone countertops and flooring options at Rite-Loom—including marble—and have a team of experts on hand who can professionally cut, finish and install our countertops to your kitchen’s unique specifications. Why not serve your grandmother’s homemade apple pie on a stunning marble countertop this fall season?

As you think of ways to keep your home fresh this fall, we are your partners in design. We have skilled designers ready to help you, a showroom full of fantastic selections for any size project, and decades of experience in home decor and interior design. Let us help you arrange the perfect gallery wall, choose the perfect color scheme and install the perfect countertop for your autumn gatherings with family and friends.