Enter Rite-Loom’s showroom and you can think of a hundred beautiful ways to enhance your home:

A new, top of the line kitchen with state-of-the-art cabinet features and elegant counter tops?

Maybe some new hardwood floors, plush carpet or area rugs?

An updated bathroom with spa-like amenities?

Much needed window coverings with designer features and colorful details?

Yes, you can have all of these enticing amenities and more….but let’s think outside the box! Let’s really dream! How about that outdoor shower you’ve always talked about? Come on, the warm spring and summer months are ahead of us. Do you really want to live one more season of wet floors, dirty dogs and sandy feet? Put a little luxury back in your life an consider these tips for a successful outdoor shower project:

  • Consult a professional designer and plumber. Building a shower required some advanced skills so hire right.
  • Check your local building codes for any restrictions that may apply in your area.
  • Make sure all of your building supplies are approved for outdoor use.
  • Use dividers, screens or plants to insure privacy. Even unpopulated areas should feature an outdoor shower that offers a comfortable, private experience.
  • For materials, let your imagination go – stone, cedar, bright white outdoor wood stain – just make sure the shower has a visual connection to the exterior of your home.
  • Add appropriate storage and hooks for easy access to towels and supplies.

Now jump in and enjoy your outdoor shower under the sun or stars!